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Random-ness February 7, 2012

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This post will be full of randomness, in case you were a little fuzzy with the title.

So I’ll post a proper kitten update this week sometime, but for now, the little ankle biters are becoming mobile. I need help here readers (all 5 of you). I’ve got a baby gate up with a cat door in it, and its worked great until now. It kept the kittens in, and the dog out.  Mittens could come and go, and take care of her babies while the little monsters stayed where they belong. I’m only mildly concerned about Ellie being around them, she’s very good with them. My concerns are around her getting excited and trying to “play” with one of them. in all of her “playfulness” she would lift up a paw and sling one of their furry little butts against the wall. The kids would not be amused by kitten guts on the wall. Anyway, I digress. Now I walk into the bathroom and the kittens are scattered across the room, in all corners, looking at me like I am invading their turf. They will be able to easily fit between the gate bars once they venture into the mysterious beyond (outside the bathroom). Not to mention they are white, with blue eyes, and it is very likely one or more of them will end up deaf. Fabulous. Deaf kitten, standard poodle, and three seven-year olds in a house built for two, but currently holding the belongings of five. Cozy right?? That’s a whole other story….

Ellie had some god awful farts this morning. That’s another reason i love the baby gate. It kept her out of the cat food. Ellie has a “sensitive” stomach. In other words, anything but her dog food gives her explosive diarrhea, followed by two days of gag inducing dog farts. I have no idea what she had yesterday, but something that gave her a vegetable smelling ass.

In other news, I’ll be sitting a beagle mix tomorrow through Sunday. Lets add that to the kitty/kid/hoarding situation. Yay! Now I must leave, I have to start moving things into the garage before I go crazy.




The Introduction. February 1, 2012

When the kittens were about two days old, I wanted to see how Ellie would act around them. It was probably my fault, but it was a disaster. She came in calmly, and knew something big was going down in that linen closet. She cautiously looked in, and I picked up a kitten for her to see. She sniffed it all over and licked its ear, I was so excited! I mean, shes totally the cat wisperer. Next, I was going to be taking pictures of her trying to feed them, making posts about her lactating and how I had to cover the babies in black and white polka dots so she didn’t mourn the loss of her never born children.  I picked up another and showed it to her- she promptly tried to eat it.

hmm… too soon.

After  about 7 days Mittens was going stir crazy in that tiny bathroom, so I installed a baby gate with a cat door in it. She could then come and go as she pleased and had easy access to the furry babes. Occasionally, when I went in to feed her I would leave the gate open, and Ellie would follow me in. She was always very calm, and with the exception of trying to eat the cat food, behaved herself wonderfully. The kittens weren’t alarmed by her… so I thought, ok. Lets do this again.

Dont you just love how she puts her head down on their level?? GAH! So cute.  They are getting so big, and don’t seem to be the slightest bit perturbed by Ellie. In fact… when Ellie got bored last night and decided to bring one into the living room for company… it hardly cried at all.





Kitten Update January 23, 2012

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Two of the sweeties have their eyes open, with the third about half-open.

If you notice in the picture above… they are getting grey around their ears. It seems like the skin is grey, but the hair on top is white… so who knows what it will end up looking like. But they are PRESH!!! Hopefully I didn’t blind their Sweet baby eyes with my camera.

It’s a preliminary guess, but i think we have two boys and a girl. The girl opened her eyes first… naturally.

Momma is already back to fighting weight.

Ignore the chew marks on the wall behind Jack. Those are from Ellie’s younger, less mature days. She’s so above that now.

I think the female has a home… but I am waiting to see who has the best personality before I start assaulting Logan’s ears about keeping one.





Kittens January 20, 2012

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It all happened really quickly. We went from this:

To This:

In a matter of 3 hours. Thank you Mitty for making it happen in the middle of the day. My friend Jenny made me promise I would call her  when it happened and she would come over to watch. I would have felt real bad if I called her at 2 in the morning. And I totally would have. So it all started at around noon; there I was… “working”- ( laying in bed contemplating cleaning the kitchen, or taking a nap.) The nap was totally about to win, when Mittens came over and starting trying to lay on my face while I was sleeping. She used to do that all the time, but after a few nights of continuously throwing her off, she finally got the picture. Anyway, so shes laying across my neck, when I realize she’s breathing kind of hard. Didn’t I read the other day that if you paid attention, she would start breathing harder? For the record, the same article said if you shove a thermometer up her ass her temp would be 100 degrees the day of labor. I didn’t think the boys would appreciate me using their thermometer on the cats butt, so that was out. By this point, she’s crawled under the covers and is curled up next to me, I love it when she does that! Only this time, SHES TRYING TO HAVE THE DAMN KITTENS UNDER THE COVERS! Long story short, I raise my head only to realize her water has broken in the bed. All.Over.the. Bed. So while silently chanting to myself ” you can do this, just don’t think about the fact that you were just laying in amniotic fluid”  I jump out of the bed and grab Mittens. I run her into the bathroom, where we have had a bed made in the bottom of the linen closet. Thank you Logan for thinking ahead. Because I certainly am not in a position to think clearly as I am running through the house holding a “leaking” cat on her back, then rummaging through the kids arts and crafts before I finally find a pair of kid scissors with blunt ends, and Elmer’s glue stuck all over the blades. This is my surgical equipment.

Anyway, Mitty goes in and lays right down in her prepared bed. Whew. Then I start my frantic text messaging. I text Logan the word “Labor!” and leave it at that. Then I text Jenny and tell her its “happening”. I am not sure of the timeline but I will keep her posted. Don’t make plans for tonight. 45 seconds later I text her to get her butt over here because Mittens is contracting and pushing. My only job is to make sure she gets the kittens out, and that she gets the sack off the kittens face so they can breath. I turn the nightlight on, and keep the overhead lights off. I feel like I should light some candles and play some soft jazz, this is after-all, an at home delivery and I am the midwife. First kitten comes out face first and she does a great job! Poor girl is exhausted already, and its obvious she’s not done. You can plainly see the other kittens rolling in her belly, and that she’s still breathing hard. She cleans up the first kitten and tries to take a short nap in between. About an hour passes between each kitten. The other two come out feet first, and I help her by making sure the kittens faces are clear and that they are breathing. Jenny arrives just after the first kitten is born, and upon recognizing the stress of the situation, we decide its appropriate to toast Mittens bravery with a glass of wine. Yes its 1:00, no I don’t care. I’m under a lot of pressure, don’t judge me.

Now is probably a good time to mention, that I warned Logan that all I wanted was a little white kitten. If I got one he was going to have a hard time getting me to give it up. Since Mitty was knocked up by a neighborhood playa, we had no idea what to expect when the kittens were born.  So imagine my excitement, and his horror, when we got THREE little white kittens!! We are four days in and I think he is quietly resigned to the fact that we will be keeping a kitten. Although he has expressed his apprehension in the fact that if he lets me  keep one, he feels like I will do this to him the rest of his life. He says I will keep saying ” just one more, you wont even notice another cat/dog/hamster ect…  He might not be wrong. But for now, I am satisified with these sweet things.




Britney Spears January 19, 2012

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Shortly after I moved into my current house, I needed company. So I got a kitten.

A sweet little baby that could fit in the palm of your hand…

Her name is Mittens. Not my first pick, but a sweet little baby face 6 year old decided this was the perfect name and I couldn’t argue. I was very adamant that I wanted a white kitten, nothing else would do. I called all the shelters, searched online… even considered *gasp* paying for one. Eventually, I found her on Craigslist and she was the only white one out of a litter of four. Her mom and three siblings were all black, random much? I believe the current owner mentioned  ” You’ll have fun with her”.

Soon after I got her home, I realized she was infested with fleas. That led to the flea bath.

She still hasn’t forgiven me. In fact, I think this very occurence is when she decided to torture me for the rest of my life. Very soon after this fateful photo, she began climbing the walls. Literally. I’ve replaced three curtain rods; they were broken due to her climbing the curtains. She wont stay off the kitchen counters, she teases the dog, eats my plants, and claws my rugs. But none of this compares to what she’s done this time. THIS TIME, she’s gone and gotten herself knocked up.

See the bulge? Those are the babies. See the look on her face??? That’s shame. She’s the  Britney Spears of the cat world…. she had such a promising young life, then she went and got knocked up by some strange man cat, and now she can’t even find a comfortable spot on the couch. Who knows how her life will turn out now? And let me tell ya, she’s well aware that this little escapade was a mistake. She is CRANKY. The kids maintain a 3 foot distance from her, after recieving multiple scratch wounds for nothing more than innocently walking by. Ellie gives her confused looks and can’t seem to understand where her friend went.

We are nearing the home stretch and the kittens are due any day now. She’s a first time mom and I hope to be there to help her through the labor, should there be any complications. We’ve got her birthing box ready in the linen closet with lots of blankets. For those that aren’t familiar with cat queening, they prefer dark, private locations and will often try to move the kittens if they feel thier spot isn’t secluded enough. My closet has a bifold door, that I have left cracked so that some light shows through, but its still very dark and the dog can’t bother her in there. She has a thing for cabinets, mainly my kitchen cabinets where she gets in and knocks my wine glasses over. So hopefully our birthing box is suitable for her finicky taste.

Although I am now running a business where my pet experitise is paid for… I recognize that I have a made a very grave mistake. I didn’t Spay Britney in time… and now I am paying the price. I will spend the next 8-12 weeks explaining to the boys WHY we can’t keep a kitten, and keeping Ellie from trying to use them as chew toys. Trust me, I have learned my lesson. This post is brought to you Posh Pet Service, and we ask that you spay and neuture your pets. In Time. And your wierd friends.

~Krystyl ~