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Boarding at Posh Pets February 10, 2012

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This week I am boarding a Beagle mix named Dixie. I can’t tell you how excited Ellie gets to have someone to play with besides the cat. Dixie needed a little time to survey her surroundings before she was ready to run and play. She expressed her need by trying to chew Ellie’s face off for the next 20 minutes or so. Then she calmed down.

Mittens, however, has yet to calm down. it never ceases to amaze me that she can roll around and let Ellie drag her across the floor, yet acts like the world is coming to an end when another dog comes into the house. I’ve always wondered if she “knew how” to correct Ellie if she hurt her. She never ever uses her claws on Ellie and will yell out if Ellie bites too hard. But now I know… she took one look at Dixie, swelled up twice her size, spit, and went after her. Poor Dixie is probably scarred for life.

So a day  boarding at Posh Pets goes a little something like this….

7 AM- Ellie comes to the side of the bed and breathes in my face until i wake up and take her out. Take Ellie out to Potty. Get Dixie out of her crate and take her out to potty.

7:30 AM- Make coffee

8:00 AM- Took Dixie on a walk. Even the most house trained dogs have issues being in a house they don’t know. As a caretaker, I don’t necessarily know her signs, and there’s always the possibility my bones, treats, or stress could cause stomach upset. So I always give dogs lots of opportunity to do their business outside. That being said.. you can also relieve a lot of stress from being in a new place with new people by exercise. So a morning walk has multiple benefits.

9:00 Am – Check email, pay bills, update blog. All while Dixie and Ellie run through the house, knocking over tables, and leaving rugs askew throughout the house.

9:30 am- Both dogs drop to the floor, tongues hanging out, throughly exhausted.

Naptime with probably last a couple of hours. I have an appointment at 1 pm so I will likely wake up the pups and take them on another walk before I have to leave.

11:30-12:30- Long walk, more play time.

Because this is the first time I have boarded Dixie, I crate her while I am away from the house and at night. If she proves herself trustworthy, I will begin leaving her out for small increments of time until I feel its safe to leave her along. Her parents didn’t bring her in a crate, so i think she is probably out all the time at home.

3:00 PM- another short walk, just for a potty break.

3:30- 4:00 PM- More playing/Snoozing/Drinking buckets of water.

8ish- one last walk before bed.

They boys get home around 3 from school, and that brings three new playmates home for the dogs,  and they love to walk them/take them out to potty. So there is a lot of activity and stimulation until after dinner time. The first night I crated Dixie to go to sleep. The next morning when I was lounging around, she jumped up on the bed to make herself at home! So I decided I would give her a chance last night. She slept soundly right next to me ALL night. Didnt move.

And now they are back at it.