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Another day in Paranoia…. February 29, 2012

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In the last four days, we’ve almost lost three lives… This is the story of life number one.

We will now be coming to you from our newly padded room, with no sharp objects, and only soft foods.

So it all started Saturday morning. Logan had the Saturday morning meeting for Wal-Mart, so I had Taekwondo duty. I had two dogs dropped off that morning, and had to get the boys dressed and fed to make the 8:30 class. Chaos ensued. Anyway, we got to class on time and on the way home I was discussing the plan for the day. 1. Get gas 2. go to the new house to clean the play room 3. if all went well, fun stuff for the afternoon.


So I stop at the Casey’s gas station to get some fuel. This particular gas station is on Central Ave in Bentonville, which is closed for construction for the most part. I notice a black lab running around  a little ways up, and wonder where he’s supposed to be. Didnt really think much else about him, finished filling my car up (and by filling up I mean putting $50 in because filling my car up right now is like donating plasma. Painful, not worth it). Get back in the car and turn down Central, the side that isn’t currently under construction. As I speed up to around 25-30 mph, the dog I noticed earlier suddenly SHOT out into the road, straight at my car. I swear its like this dog had never seen a car before or was trying to commit suicide. It was awful. I slammed on my breaks, said an expletive entirely too loud… and felt the bump as I ran over the dog. My blood literally ran cold. Not only because I am an animal lover and cry at the first three notes of that stupid Sarah Mclachlan song, but because I had all three boys in the car. These boys are total tree huggers. We scrape spiders onto a piece of paper to “release them in the wild”. We don’t kill snakes, bugs, squirrels, or any other varmint. One time Logan hit a bird in the car and it got stuck in the windshield wiper, it was bad. Amazingly, they apparently didn’t feel the bump and asked if we hit the dog. This elusive answer was the best I could come up with in my panicked state.

BOYS: Oh no! Did we hit him??

ME: ummm… im not sure, but I think I need to go back and check to see where his owners are.

BOYS: Why?

ME: Well, he’s running around in the street, and that’s not really safe.  (please stop asking me questions before I hyperventilate and screw up my vagueness)


Anyway, I quickly ran through the list of names i could drop the boys with in my head. Mom- out-of-town, Dad- In  the meeting, Papa- probably not at the house yet to work, Mimi- too far away. My friend Jenny lives just around the corner and i knew she was probably home. I hijacked her house and dumped the kids off with little more explanation than ” I need you to watch them for 15 minutes thankyoubye!!”

I saw the dog run away from the road, so I knew it was most likely alive… I just needed to find it. I knocked on a couple of doors, one lady said it wasnt her dog, but I might try the nursing home next door. Nursing home didn’t answer… so I gave up and got back in the car. There is one neighborhood near the gas station, and I thought I would try that and if I didn’t see the dog.. I would give up. If I was gone much longer, I would have to answer some questions from the boys that I didn’t want to have to make up. I turned into the neighborhood, and saw a black lab running around in a yard towards the end. I pulled up to the house, and got out to try and check if the dog was hurt… he didn’t appear to be by the way he was jumping around and apparently walking just fine. I walked up to knock on the door to see if this was the dog I hit. My stomach sank… there was blood everywhere. All over the doorstep, on the jam… it was horrific. I knocked on the door and as soon as they opened it I burst into tears.

ME: Is this your dog? (pointing to the apparently fine black lab running around in the yard)

OWNERS: Yes, why?

ME: I hit him! I am so sorry! (attractively wipe snot from running down my face)

OWNERS: (looks back in the room where the obviously hurt dog is) Oh! okay! thank you for stopping by.. I think he’s going to be okay, he just needs some stitches.

ME: (blubber blubber)… I am so sorry! I had to drop my kids off.. they were in the car… then I came to look for him…

OWNERS: it’s not your fault, he got out this morning and ran off..

ME: (blubbler, sniff, snot wipe). uughh.. I am so sorry, how bad is it?

OWNERS: its okay. my wife is a nurse, and I think he just needs some stitches, weve already called the vet, he’s resting. Where did you hit him?

ME: (attempting to pull myself together at this point)… At the Casey gas station, he ran directly at my car, I couldn’t stop…

OWNERS: ok..well thank you for coming by

ME: (sniffle sniffle).. im sorry… bye…


I’m willing to bet he had a broken leg… I ran over something. I felt the bump. ugh. But the owners were absolutely amazing, didn’t blame me at all. I am sure they were worried that if they said he was seriously hurt I would hold a vigil in their lawn that night. I was a mess. I have contemplated going back to check on him… is that weird?

So I left and went by and picked up the boys, and explained to Jenny why I dumped my kids off in her house…

They spent the rest of the day asking to go back to Ms. Jenny’s and play shuffleboard.





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