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10 Days February 20, 2012

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Ten days since my last post…. ouch.

In my defence I have had a thing or two going on… finalizing house “things” … and moving. Oh, and the kittens are officially mobile. Roaming all over the house, meowing when they lose their way. Mittens is frantically trying to keep up with all of them and calm any scared kitties who can’t find their way back to their little rug in the linen closet.

I’ve also managed to work a little too. This is Buddy.

He is a Sharpe/Labrador mix.  I am walking him twice a day this week, and he luuurrvves his walks! He gets so excited when I come and dances in place while I put his leash on. We walk for 30 minutes, twice a day. He’s a very good boy. At the park where we walk there are lots of other dogs and bikers, and Buddy always stays next to me. He never pulls his leash, or does anything more than perk his head interestedly at passersby.

Cant we all have a dog like Buddy?





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