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Random-ness February 7, 2012

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This post will be full of randomness, in case you were a little fuzzy with the title.

So I’ll post a proper kitten update this week sometime, but for now, the little ankle biters are becoming mobile. I need help here readers (all 5 of you). I’ve got a baby gate up with a cat door in it, and its worked great until now. It kept the kittens in, and the dog out.  Mittens could come and go, and take care of her babies while the little monsters stayed where they belong. I’m only mildly concerned about Ellie being around them, she’s very good with them. My concerns are around her getting excited and trying to “play” with one of them. in all of her “playfulness” she would lift up a paw and sling one of their furry little butts against the wall. The kids would not be amused by kitten guts on the wall. Anyway, I digress. Now I walk into the bathroom and the kittens are scattered across the room, in all corners, looking at me like I am invading their turf. They will be able to easily fit between the gate bars once they venture into the mysterious beyond (outside the bathroom). Not to mention they are white, with blue eyes, and it is very likely one or more of them will end up deaf. Fabulous. Deaf kitten, standard poodle, and three seven-year olds in a house built for two, but currently holding the belongings of five. Cozy right?? That’s a whole other story….

Ellie had some god awful farts this morning. That’s another reason i love the baby gate. It kept her out of the cat food. Ellie has a “sensitive” stomach. In other words, anything but her dog food gives her explosive diarrhea, followed by two days of gag inducing dog farts. I have no idea what she had yesterday, but something that gave her a vegetable smelling ass.

In other news, I’ll be sitting a beagle mix tomorrow through Sunday. Lets add that to the kitty/kid/hoarding situation. Yay! Now I must leave, I have to start moving things into the garage before I go crazy.




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