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Good News February 2, 2012

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So when  I first started blogging I was afraid that I would go back and read my posts and think I sounded like an enormous moron, delete them all, and cry myself to sleep. Good news folks, this is my 13th post and I dont hate myself yet. WOOT! ‘Ive had a thing or two going on lately.. so the posts arent as regular as I would like for them to be.

Lets make a list. I like lists.

Good things in my life:

The house is almost done! Almost moving time!

Tax returns- although small, its like free money!

With the house getting close to being done, I’m getting to do lots of fun crafty things, like paint beds, organize toys, and decorate.

Bad things in my life:

None of my pants fit. urg.

Business is slooooww.. only two dogs washed in the last week.


So the good things… are good. The new address is on all of my business cards, and will be very convenient for drop off’s during the week. Taxes are done, and my returrn was a third of what it was last year. Not cool. But again, free money and hopefully will go towards some much needed expenses. The bad things…. are bad. Since leaving Walmart my couch time has apparently increased a bit, which in turn has made my waistline increase. Ellie, get ready, were going a walkin!

I knew that this business venture would start out slow… but I am not a patient person. I recently ordered business cards, and am having flyers printed. Beware, you might have a Posh Pet Service flyer on your windshield soon! I’ve been pleased with my blog views, but it hasnt resulted in added business. The two dogs I groomed last week were word of mouth customers. A very old, very sweet Dotson, and a very sweet, toy Schnouzer. Milo was a HANDFUL.


and after:

What do you think?





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