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Snow Days January 25, 2012

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The day before I decided to go get Ellie, we were expecting a large snow storm. In Arkansas, anything over a dusting is a “large snow storm”. Wal-Mart is cleaned out of water, bread, milk, salt, and propane. Our state literally goes into a state of emergency, and we buckle down like we will never be seen or heard from again. So I knew if I didn’t get her the day before, it would be several days before I could go get her, and that just wasnt going to work. bBecause I am in the farthest Northwest corner of Arkansas, the shelter in Kansas was only about 90 minutes away, and I was able to swing leaving after work to go get her. So my friend Jessica (I’m mentioning you Jessica!) loaded up after work and drove down to get her. So happy I did. Or I wouldn’t have gotten these pictures. We havent had over an inch of snow since.





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