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Kitten Update January 23, 2012

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Two of the sweeties have their eyes open, with the third about half-open.

If you notice in the picture above… they are getting grey around their ears. It seems like the skin is grey, but the hair on top is white… so who knows what it will end up looking like. But they are PRESH!!! Hopefully I didn’t blind their Sweet baby eyes with my camera.

It’s a preliminary guess, but i think we have two boys and a girl. The girl opened her eyes first… naturally.

Momma is already back to fighting weight.

Ignore the chew marks on the wall behind Jack. Those are from Ellie’s younger, less mature days. She’s so above that now.

I think the female has a home… but I am waiting to see who has the best personality before I start assaulting Logan’s ears about keeping one.





2 Responses to “Kitten Update”

  1. Jenny Webb Says:

    Beautiful!!! Which one is mine???

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