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Kittens January 20, 2012

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It all happened really quickly. We went from this:

To This:

In a matter of 3 hours. Thank you Mitty for making it happen in the middle of the day. My friend Jenny made me promise I would call her  when it happened and she would come over to watch. I would have felt real bad if I called her at 2 in the morning. And I totally would have. So it all started at around noon; there I was… “working”- ( laying in bed contemplating cleaning the kitchen, or taking a nap.) The nap was totally about to win, when Mittens came over and starting trying to lay on my face while I was sleeping. She used to do that all the time, but after a few nights of continuously throwing her off, she finally got the picture. Anyway, so shes laying across my neck, when I realize she’s breathing kind of hard. Didn’t I read the other day that if you paid attention, she would start breathing harder? For the record, the same article said if you shove a thermometer up her ass her temp would be 100 degrees the day of labor. I didn’t think the boys would appreciate me using their thermometer on the cats butt, so that was out. By this point, she’s crawled under the covers and is curled up next to me, I love it when she does that! Only this time, SHES TRYING TO HAVE THE DAMN KITTENS UNDER THE COVERS! Long story short, I raise my head only to realize her water has broken in the bed. All.Over.the. Bed. So while silently chanting to myself ” you can do this, just don’t think about the fact that you were just laying in amniotic fluid”  I jump out of the bed and grab Mittens. I run her into the bathroom, where we have had a bed made in the bottom of the linen closet. Thank you Logan for thinking ahead. Because I certainly am not in a position to think clearly as I am running through the house holding a “leaking” cat on her back, then rummaging through the kids arts and crafts before I finally find a pair of kid scissors with blunt ends, and Elmer’s glue stuck all over the blades. This is my surgical equipment.

Anyway, Mitty goes in and lays right down in her prepared bed. Whew. Then I start my frantic text messaging. I text Logan the word “Labor!” and leave it at that. Then I text Jenny and tell her its “happening”. I am not sure of the timeline but I will keep her posted. Don’t make plans for tonight. 45 seconds later I text her to get her butt over here because Mittens is contracting and pushing. My only job is to make sure she gets the kittens out, and that she gets the sack off the kittens face so they can breath. I turn the nightlight on, and keep the overhead lights off. I feel like I should light some candles and play some soft jazz, this is after-all, an at home delivery and I am the midwife. First kitten comes out face first and she does a great job! Poor girl is exhausted already, and its obvious she’s not done. You can plainly see the other kittens rolling in her belly, and that she’s still breathing hard. She cleans up the first kitten and tries to take a short nap in between. About an hour passes between each kitten. The other two come out feet first, and I help her by making sure the kittens faces are clear and that they are breathing. Jenny arrives just after the first kitten is born, and upon recognizing the stress of the situation, we decide its appropriate to toast Mittens bravery with a glass of wine. Yes its 1:00, no I don’t care. I’m under a lot of pressure, don’t judge me.

Now is probably a good time to mention, that I warned Logan that all I wanted was a little white kitten. If I got one he was going to have a hard time getting me to give it up. Since Mitty was knocked up by a neighborhood playa, we had no idea what to expect when the kittens were born.  So imagine my excitement, and his horror, when we got THREE little white kittens!! We are four days in and I think he is quietly resigned to the fact that we will be keeping a kitten. Although he has expressed his apprehension in the fact that if he lets me  keep one, he feels like I will do this to him the rest of his life. He says I will keep saying ” just one more, you wont even notice another cat/dog/hamster ect…  He might not be wrong. But for now, I am satisified with these sweet things.




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