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Posh-ness January 19, 2012

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Hey there, I am Krystyl, owner of Posh Pet Services. This is Ellie.

Ellie was the inspiration behind this business. As my homepage states, I am an Arkansas Native with the majority of my life spent in Northwest Arkansas. My family raised labradors for hunting purposes, and we also raised poodles for pleasure. Between my extended family and I, we had around 14 poodles and at least as many labs at one time. My love of animals continued into adulthood, and I have always had at least one dog and cat wherever I lived.

This is my pregnant cat, Mittens. Want a kitten?

I spent 8 years working in corporate America before leaving to work for a much smaller company. During my time working for this company, I was fortunate enough to be able to work from home while our office was being built. Ellie was only around a year old at the time, and had only a few months housetraining under her belt. I quickly realized how much more well behaved she was when she wasnt locked into a crate all day. She lounged around the house, stopped chewing, and we got into a dailey routine that she was comfortable with. We went on walks around the town square, and she became known as the “dalmation poodle.”

Eventually my life took a turn, and a I realized that my job was not my passion, it was simply a means to an end. It paid the bills. Quite honestly, the thought never occured to me that I could and should wake up and love what I do throughout the day. Eventually, through the encouragement from a really great friend and an even better other half, I decided to open this business. I can’t possibly own enough animals to make me satisfied, and helping others care for thier furry children seems like the better option than becoming ” the cat/dog lady” anyway.

Let me talk to you about the benefits of having someone visit your home during the day. Exercise for your dog can quite honestly save your sanity, oh, and your belongings. Boredem in dogs can lead to all kinds of distructive behaivor. Personally, when Ellie gets bored she digs in the trash. I can leave her in the house alone for 30 minutes, and come home to trash scattered throughout the house. However, we can stay home all day long, and as long as I am here and she gets adequate attention we have no trash problems.

In addition, having a person who makes animals thier focus visit your home frequently, you retain the noncompensated benefits of having an animal expert spend time with your pet every day. A lot of times this second set of eyes can identify health problems or changes in behavior that you may miss during the hustle and bustle of life.

Anyway, stay tuned for more stories on how the business is going and other general musings. Thanks for visiting!




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