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Crystal Parlor January 19, 2012

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So, still no kittens. Bummer.

It’s ok though, I’ve been busy enough without staying up all night delivering kittens. Shortly after I launched Posh Pets, someone reached out and left me a message from Crystal Parlor Pet Salon. Turns out it was the owner, Julie Ritchie. She explained when I called her back that she had a family emergency, and had no one to watch her shop while she made a trip to Ohio. She needed someone with experience, and she found me through my advertising. A short trip to Bella Vista later… I had the job! I will be watching the Crystal Parlor boarding dogs all of this week until Julie returns.

So let’s go through a list of our boarders this week..

This is Dollie. She is our only true boarder this week. Such a sweet girl, Dollie is a super cuddler, and her fur is so soft, it feels like silk.

This is Shana, she’s a sweet yellow lab, and she currently lives at Crystal Parlor. Her owner went into assisted living a few months ago, and Julie was kind enough to give Shana a temporary home until she finds her permanent loving home. Shana is very calm, listens to commands, and is housetrained.

This is Hans. He’s a good natured shih tzu, who loves to be a lap dog. He also currently lives at the Parlor, awaiting a new home. He is Shana’s brother, but doesn’t necessarily have to go to the same home as her. Actually, he’s a bit grumpy with the other dogs at the parlor, he would be just fine in a home where he is the only pet.

And this handsome fella is Shadow. He is a black cocker spaniel and is SUCH a joy. He’s so sweet, he listens, and loves to play ball. He’s slightly rotund… but we are working on it with a diet and LOTS of exercise. Just more to love  Shadow is currently looking for a home, and if it weren’t for my spoiled poodle, I would’ve taken him home in a heartbeat.

And last but certainly not least…

This doll face is Layla. She’s a permanent resident of Crystal Parlor, and everyone who comes in wants to take her home. She’s such a lover. Layla was left to Julie in a customers will.

Thanks for taking the time to meet my charges this week! Tune in later to hear about a day in the life of a pet salon owner..



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