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Britney Spears January 19, 2012

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Shortly after I moved into my current house, I needed company. So I got a kitten.

A sweet little baby that could fit in the palm of your hand…

Her name is Mittens. Not my first pick, but a sweet little baby face 6 year old decided this was the perfect name and I couldn’t argue. I was very adamant that I wanted a white kitten, nothing else would do. I called all the shelters, searched online… even considered *gasp* paying for one. Eventually, I found her on Craigslist and she was the only white one out of a litter of four. Her mom and three siblings were all black, random much? I believe the current owner mentioned  ” You’ll have fun with her”.

Soon after I got her home, I realized she was infested with fleas. That led to the flea bath.

She still hasn’t forgiven me. In fact, I think this very occurence is when she decided to torture me for the rest of my life. Very soon after this fateful photo, she began climbing the walls. Literally. I’ve replaced three curtain rods; they were broken due to her climbing the curtains. She wont stay off the kitchen counters, she teases the dog, eats my plants, and claws my rugs. But none of this compares to what she’s done this time. THIS TIME, she’s gone and gotten herself knocked up.

See the bulge? Those are the babies. See the look on her face??? That’s shame. She’s the  Britney Spears of the cat world…. she had such a promising young life, then she went and got knocked up by some strange man cat, and now she can’t even find a comfortable spot on the couch. Who knows how her life will turn out now? And let me tell ya, she’s well aware that this little escapade was a mistake. She is CRANKY. The kids maintain a 3 foot distance from her, after recieving multiple scratch wounds for nothing more than innocently walking by. Ellie gives her confused looks and can’t seem to understand where her friend went.

We are nearing the home stretch and the kittens are due any day now. She’s a first time mom and I hope to be there to help her through the labor, should there be any complications. We’ve got her birthing box ready in the linen closet with lots of blankets. For those that aren’t familiar with cat queening, they prefer dark, private locations and will often try to move the kittens if they feel thier spot isn’t secluded enough. My closet has a bifold door, that I have left cracked so that some light shows through, but its still very dark and the dog can’t bother her in there. She has a thing for cabinets, mainly my kitchen cabinets where she gets in and knocks my wine glasses over. So hopefully our birthing box is suitable for her finicky taste.

Although I am now running a business where my pet experitise is paid for… I recognize that I have a made a very grave mistake. I didn’t Spay Britney in time… and now I am paying the price. I will spend the next 8-12 weeks explaining to the boys WHY we can’t keep a kitten, and keeping Ellie from trying to use them as chew toys. Trust me, I have learned my lesson. This post is brought to you Posh Pet Service, and we ask that you spay and neuture your pets. In Time. And your wierd friends.

~Krystyl ~


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