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Services and Rates January 27, 2012

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This page tends to get more views than my actual website, so I wanted to take a moment to post my services and rates…


I am very flexible and can adapt my services to meet pretty much anyones needs.


  •  0-30 lbs     $20.00
  •  30-50 lbs   $30.00
  •  50+ lbs      $40.00

A bath includes: shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, nail trim, trim around the eyes and potty area, brush teeth, clean ears, anal gland expression, and cut/demat any tangles.

Dog Walk

  • 1 hour     $20.00
  • 30 minutes $15.00
  • Lunchtime potty relief $10.00

The dog walk can be a neighborhood walk, a trip to run at the dog park, or just a lunchtime visit to escape the crate and play ball for a few minutes.

Pet Sitting/Boarding

  • Twice a day visit $20.00
  • Three times a day visit $30.00
  • Boarding $15.00

I offer pet sitting and boarding services in two models. I will keep your pet in my home for $15.00 per day. I own a standard poodle,  a cat, and have small children, so the at home boarding will require your pet to be comfortable in those conditions.  Or your pet can stay in the comfort of his/her own home, and I will come twice or three times a day to check on your animals, change water, feed, bring in mail/newspapers, and clean up any messes. Visits are normally 30 minutes to an hour, I like to spend some time letting the animals stretch, play outside, or just spend to time on the couch petting and loving on them. Your pet misses you, and the day to day activity thats missing while your gone.

I live in Downtown Bentonville, which is convenient for drop-offs. However I am also able to pick up most animals in the Bentonville/Rogers area if needed.


Need anything else? Just ask!









Snow Days January 25, 2012

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The day before I decided to go get Ellie, we were expecting a large snow storm. In Arkansas, anything over a dusting is a “large snow storm”. Wal-Mart is cleaned out of water, bread, milk, salt, and propane. Our state literally goes into a state of emergency, and we buckle down like we will never be seen or heard from again. So I knew if I didn’t get her the day before, it would be several days before I could go get her, and that just wasnt going to work. bBecause I am in the farthest Northwest corner of Arkansas, the shelter in Kansas was only about 90 minutes away, and I was able to swing leaving after work to go get her. So my friend Jessica (I’m mentioning you Jessica!) loaded up after work and drove down to get her. So happy I did. Or I wouldn’t have gotten these pictures. We havent had over an inch of snow since.





Kitten Update January 23, 2012

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Two of the sweeties have their eyes open, with the third about half-open.

If you notice in the picture above… they are getting grey around their ears. It seems like the skin is grey, but the hair on top is white… so who knows what it will end up looking like. But they are PRESH!!! Hopefully I didn’t blind their Sweet baby eyes with my camera.

It’s a preliminary guess, but i think we have two boys and a girl. The girl opened her eyes first… naturally.

Momma is already back to fighting weight.

Ignore the chew marks on the wall behind Jack. Those are from Ellie’s younger, less mature days. She’s so above that now.

I think the female has a home… but I am waiting to see who has the best personality before I start assaulting Logan’s ears about keeping one.





Sleeping with cat – true story

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Saw this on Kitty Blogger this morning. This is my house, except add a standard poodle fighting for space as well.

Kitty Bloger

sleeping with cat - true story

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My love affair with Poodles January 22, 2012

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Ellie is my current standard poodle.

My love affair with poodles started my senior year of high school. It was literally like I woke up one morning and knew that that was the dog for me. It also didn’t hurt that my sister-in-law had just bought a teeny tiny black poodle and I loved it so much I just wanted to smoosh its brains out. Gah! Cuteness overload. So I asked my mom if I could have one. She didn’t say no. Good enough for me. I went and put a deposit down on one the next day. That marked the day my relationship with Sophie started. My very first toy poodle, and the most important relationship in the world to me. She was an apricot poodle, from a kennel, and not the most attractive thing in the world. But she was my world. Growing up, we had always had dogs ( mutts), and I loved them, because I loved animals. But none of them meant a 100 th of what Sophie meant. She was MINE. I took care of her, and most importantly, she didn’t love my brothers. The fact that I was 17 and also had a love of boys, Marlboro reds, and occasionally stealing my moms Chardonnay could probably explain why she wasn’t potty trained until over a year old and then only ever learned to sit when she felt like it. I have since given up my Marlboro and Chardonnay habits. Merlot is infinitely better. But never my poodles.

Anyway, I had Sophie for 7 years before she passed much too soon. During that time, I owned and fostered an assortment of poodles. There was Lilly, a cockapoo ( crazy, bad breeding), Sydney (one of Sophie’s babies and a dog everyone instantly loves), Charlie, another apricot poodle, Onyx, a black standard poodle, and Divo a very red toy poodle. All of these dogs were great, in their own way, but none compared to Sophie, and all went to various homes while Sophie remained steadfastly by my side. We lived in 7 houses, went through numerous boyfriends, and a couple of marriages before she crossed the rainbow bridge. The hardest day of my life was when she passed. I buried her under a dogwood tree, and left a piece of me there.

Soon after, I found myself in a new house, with a new life. and I knew I needed a new poodle. By this time Logan and the boys were in my life, and I was a little worried about getting a toy poodle. They can be the victim of bad breeding, and with that can come a nervous, yappy, nippy, frail thing that would never stand up to the abuse of three 5 year olds. My house is only two bedrooms, and maybe 1100 sq feet, so a standard poodle would be a big presence. But standards have not yet been subjected to over breeding the way toys have, and historically have a much more calm, relaxed demeanor. I began what would become a months long search. I looked at breeders, shelters, petfinder.com, and numerous other places.

Finally, I found Ellie. She was in a shelter in Kansas.

She came from a breeder and was originally intended to be kept for breeding purposes. My sweet little baby Ellie was almost destined  to have litter after litter, year after year. Luckily, as I know full well, Ellie doesn’t do anything unless its her idea. The kennel dropped her off at the shelter stating that she could not be “accustomed to the breeding lifestyle.” In other words, she doesn’t like being in a small cage where she can barely stand for 23 hours a day. She doesn’t like her feet and toes being spread apart by wire cages, and being  shuffled back and forth like cattle, from place to place. In fact, she prefers to lay on my queen sized bed. Alone. She prefers to lay on her chair in the office, with her head propped up on the arm.

And if she eats, she prefers it to be out of the trashcan.

 And like I said… she doesn’t do anything unless it was her idea…

My love affair with poodles will never end.. they are a joy. They are entertainment. They are a pain in the ass. They are protectors, lovers, and comforters. I have converted many a cynic, who now own poodles of their own. Stay tuned for more stories of my monster, there are plenty to tell.




Kittens January 20, 2012

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It all happened really quickly. We went from this:

To This:

In a matter of 3 hours. Thank you Mitty for making it happen in the middle of the day. My friend Jenny made me promise I would call her  when it happened and she would come over to watch. I would have felt real bad if I called her at 2 in the morning. And I totally would have. So it all started at around noon; there I was… “working”- ( laying in bed contemplating cleaning the kitchen, or taking a nap.) The nap was totally about to win, when Mittens came over and starting trying to lay on my face while I was sleeping. She used to do that all the time, but after a few nights of continuously throwing her off, she finally got the picture. Anyway, so shes laying across my neck, when I realize she’s breathing kind of hard. Didn’t I read the other day that if you paid attention, she would start breathing harder? For the record, the same article said if you shove a thermometer up her ass her temp would be 100 degrees the day of labor. I didn’t think the boys would appreciate me using their thermometer on the cats butt, so that was out. By this point, she’s crawled under the covers and is curled up next to me, I love it when she does that! Only this time, SHES TRYING TO HAVE THE DAMN KITTENS UNDER THE COVERS! Long story short, I raise my head only to realize her water has broken in the bed. All.Over.the. Bed. So while silently chanting to myself ” you can do this, just don’t think about the fact that you were just laying in amniotic fluid”  I jump out of the bed and grab Mittens. I run her into the bathroom, where we have had a bed made in the bottom of the linen closet. Thank you Logan for thinking ahead. Because I certainly am not in a position to think clearly as I am running through the house holding a “leaking” cat on her back, then rummaging through the kids arts and crafts before I finally find a pair of kid scissors with blunt ends, and Elmer’s glue stuck all over the blades. This is my surgical equipment.

Anyway, Mitty goes in and lays right down in her prepared bed. Whew. Then I start my frantic text messaging. I text Logan the word “Labor!” and leave it at that. Then I text Jenny and tell her its “happening”. I am not sure of the timeline but I will keep her posted. Don’t make plans for tonight. 45 seconds later I text her to get her butt over here because Mittens is contracting and pushing. My only job is to make sure she gets the kittens out, and that she gets the sack off the kittens face so they can breath. I turn the nightlight on, and keep the overhead lights off. I feel like I should light some candles and play some soft jazz, this is after-all, an at home delivery and I am the midwife. First kitten comes out face first and she does a great job! Poor girl is exhausted already, and its obvious she’s not done. You can plainly see the other kittens rolling in her belly, and that she’s still breathing hard. She cleans up the first kitten and tries to take a short nap in between. About an hour passes between each kitten. The other two come out feet first, and I help her by making sure the kittens faces are clear and that they are breathing. Jenny arrives just after the first kitten is born, and upon recognizing the stress of the situation, we decide its appropriate to toast Mittens bravery with a glass of wine. Yes its 1:00, no I don’t care. I’m under a lot of pressure, don’t judge me.

Now is probably a good time to mention, that I warned Logan that all I wanted was a little white kitten. If I got one he was going to have a hard time getting me to give it up. Since Mitty was knocked up by a neighborhood playa, we had no idea what to expect when the kittens were born.  So imagine my excitement, and his horror, when we got THREE little white kittens!! We are four days in and I think he is quietly resigned to the fact that we will be keeping a kitten. Although he has expressed his apprehension in the fact that if he lets me  keep one, he feels like I will do this to him the rest of his life. He says I will keep saying ” just one more, you wont even notice another cat/dog/hamster ect…  He might not be wrong. But for now, I am satisified with these sweet things.




A Day in the Life January 19, 2012

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We’ve got kittens!! Three of the cutest sweetest little white fur balls you’ve ever seen. But I’ll save all the details for a separate post. Today’s post is about a day in the life of a salon owner. Let me tell you, I took a giant leap of faith, and a major career change in order to pursue a life with animals and hopefully developing Posh Pets. Taking over Crystal Pet Parlor for a week was a great way to see the potential for my business, and what my life would be like if I were to open a salon that boards and grooms dogs. I will now proceed to eliminate any glamour or “Poshness” of this business.


I walk in the door of Crystal Parlor, and the dogs immediately start barking. They know its breakfast time! I usher everybody outside to go potty. Then I survey the area for any accidents and pee spots. Most of the dogs that come to a boarding facility are potty trained, but going from 5 pm to 8 am in a run free environment is a lot for even the most well behaved dog. Crystal Parlor does have kennels, and corrals, but these are mainly used to separate during feeding, and if an owner specifically asks for their dog to be corralled. Lots of dogs don’t get along with others, or are very fragile and owners do not want them running free with larger or more exuberant dogs. So I pick up any blankets or beds that have pee on them, and scoop any “other” accidents. Throw them in the laundry pile, and mop up anything on the floor.  Then I prepare the dog bowls. The four dogs currently living at the facility eat various amounts of dry food, but Dolly eats a special dry food with some wet food on top for her sensitive stomach. Shana is a pig and will try to eat everyone’s food. So after I get all the food bowls ready I close the pantry door and let everyone back in. Dolly goes in a corral to eat her special food, and looks at me like I am abusing her for locking her up. Layla eats in the pantry, and the others get their food in various corners of the room. But Shana gets hers first, because until she’s busy she will try and eat everyone else’s food. Now is probably a good time to mention that when Julie adopted Shana, she was extremely overweight- I think she’s still resentful about her diet. I watch closely while everyone eats. Because today we only have the one visitor everyone is pretty good, but I still watch to make sure no arguments break out. After everyone is finished I usher them outside for “number 2’s”.  While everyone is outside, I pick up all beds and toys and mop the entire floor. This helps keep things neat and clean and smelling fresh. Not only do you have dogs marking and accidents at a salon, but muddy footprints, hair, leaves, dog puke… ect.  I normally start my first of several loads of laundry now too. After the floor dries, I let everyone back in and they settle down and go lay on their various beds and blankets.  Refill water bowls.


Today Dolly is going home at 10:30 and her owners want a bath before she goes, so it’s time to start that.  I spent about 15 minutes de-shedding her, and then time to jump in the tub. Dolly is about 30 lbs and easy to bathe. When someone is paying you to bathe a dog, it’s a little more in depth than your average at home bath. Scrub in between every toe; make sure you get the ears, face, and hiney. And DON’T scrimp on the shampoo and conditioner. The most important part of a groom is the bath. Then we blow dry, its cold outside and you’ll catch cold going out with wet hair! During the blow dry you make sure to get out any knots, cut any matting, and clip around the eyes or potty area if needed. Once she’s all beautiful, I start gathering her blankets, toys, and food bowls for when her parents come. Dolly goes home, and Jenni and Chewbacca come to stay for a few days! Introduce them to the group, and let everyone out one last time to go potty before I go home for lunch.

11:00-12:30ish – lunch, errands, bank.

 1:00-2:00 – Let everyone out for potty/play time! Start another load of laundry, fold what’s in the dryer. I normally sit down for a bit now and brush someone, or play ball.  All of the dogs are lovers and will all try to sit with me at the same time. Shana is a lab and sheds quite a bit so I try to de-shed her every couple of days. Shadow is so playful (and could stand to lose a few lbs) so I try to exercise him some every day. Refill water bowls.

2:00-3:00 – its wintertime and gets cold and dark early, so I go out to the play yard to scoop poop. The play yard is on the west side of the building, so its shaded in the afternoon and I don’t like to freeze to death, scooping poop is bad enough without being cold. Remind myself to bring the leaf blower with me tomorrow so I can blow leaves into the woods.

3:00-5:00 – I vacuum in the afternoons. At a pet salon, it doesn’t matter if you mop or sweep first; there are always muddy footprints, and always hair and leaves to be vacuumed. So I mop in the mornings, vacuum in the afternoons. Sometimes I mop in the afternoons too if it needs it. Then I spend the afternoon doing some general cleaning. Clean the tub from Dolly’s bath, scrub food bowls, finish the laundry, wipe off doors with footprints on them, ect..

The pups know I am getting ready to leave, so they watch me warily… trying to make me feel bad. I normally spend some time loving on them and apologizing before I leave. I let everyone back out again for potty time before I leave. Refill the water bowls, and put anyone in a corral who likes to sleep alone. Turn out the lights, and say good night ya’ll!

All in all, it’s a huge job, and I stay busy All.Day.Long.  I don’t know how Julie does it; in addition she grooms dogs too! I hope to continue to learn from her, and gain valuable knowledge so that I may open my own salon one day!